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Sea Safari Cruises offer a wide range of diving liveaboard activities within the Indonesian Archipelago. Using traditional rigged Bugis Phinisi Schooners, constructed with at least three decks, our boats give you plenty of space to relax. Whether it is in the air-conditioned comfort of the large saloon or lazing under the shade of one of the ship’s huge sails, you will find it easy to unwind.

What we do

Sea Safari Cruises operate diving and snorkeling liveaboards in Bali, Komodo, Raja Ampat all year round. We also offer diving and snorkeling in Sumbawa, Ambon, Alor, Banda Niera, Lembeh Straits, The Forgotten Islands and many other destinations in the Indonesian archipelago.

All Sea Safari vessels are equipped with modern navigation systems, up to date safety and first aid equipment and ENOS diver locator systems. Sea Safari Cruises offer a perfect balance of diving and comfort on our liveaboard dive vessels. For your safety, all of your dives will be under the supervision and expertise of PADI Instructors or local PADI Dive Masters with years of experience in these waters.

Take advantage of our top-deck bar while indulging in a spectacular tropical sunset. Relax and enjoy the comfort of our lounge area where an ample selection of fish I.D and wildlife books, novels, travel guidebooks, current films and documentaries are at your disposal. Wander onto the bridge and have a look at our route maps and a chat with our captain. Or just quietly retire to your cabin and enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of a wooden ship in motion.

Enjoy your diving liveaboard adventure with us !


The Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones, with a total area of 1,733 km² (603 km² of it land).

Fringing and patch coral reefs are extensive and best developed on the north-east coast of Komodo. The park is rich in marine life, including whale sharks, ocean sunfish, manta rays, eagle rays, pygmy seahorse, false pipefish, clown frogfish, nudibranchs, blue-ringed octopus, sponges, tunicates, and vibrant coral reefs.

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings” archipelago encompasses more than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat hold the richest variety of species in the world with over 75% of all known coral species and over 1,500 species of fish.

Raja Ampat consists of the four large islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool, plus hundreds of smaller islands. In addition to incredible marine life, Raja Ampat offers you other unique experiences such as mangroves, the bird of paradise and other exotic birds along with tropical plants and stunning sunsets.

North Sulawesi

The Lembeh Strait is located off the Northeast tip of Sulawesi. Arguably the best muck diving in the world and a heaven for macro photography & videography. Home to many critters that are seldom seen anywhere else on earth, including the, hairy frog fish, pygmy sea horses, larger sea horses like the thorny seahorse and estuarine, mimic octopus, wunderpus ,flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy shrimp, Lembeh Sea Dragon and hundreds of Nudibranches.

We also cover the Bunaken National Marine Park and Bangka Island for some of the best wall dives in the world. The volcanic islands of Ruang, Siau and Biaro offer some unique landscapes above and below the water. With volcanic ocean springs and underwater thermal vents, black sand beaches with the extraordinary looking Rhinpoias, Ambon Scorpionfish and many other exotic critters.

Our Vessels

Boat Facilities
Cheng Ho

One of the most comfortable vessels for diving and leisure expeditions

Sea Safari VI

Smallest vessel among the Sea Safari fleet. Based in Raja Ampat and Komodo

Sea Safari VII

Both comfort and luxurious sailing boat with modern facilities

Sea Safari 8

One of our largest boats. She is based all year in Raja Ampat



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