Cendrawasih Diving 11 Days / 10 Nights

This captivating area of Raja Ampat, along the north east coast of Indonesian West Papua, where you can participate in one of the most unique marine experiences to be had anywhere in the world. Enjoy the opportunity to swim with the graceful and harmless whalesharks in calm and easy conditions. A series of traditional fishing boats called “bagans” have an enduring existence in the bay and over many years divers and photographers have discovered a very special relationship between these fishermen and the worlds largest fish, the whaleshark.


This area is home to many of the 39 species of “Bird of Paradise” currently known. A prized encounter amongst serious birders, all species of Bird of Paradise are defined by vivid colours and each species has its own unique mating dance. Found deep within the tropical forests of New Guinea and her surrounding islands and nowhere else on Earth, detecting and photographing these birds is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Day Activities
Day 1 Boarding in Sorong
Day 2 Part of Northern Papua Barat
Day 3 & 4 Manokwari – Wreck Diving (Pasir Putih Wreck, Pillbox Wreck, Cross Wreck, Shinwa Maru Wreck)
Day 5 Numfor and Biak
Day 6 & 7 Biak and the Archipelago of Padaido
Day 8 Island of Yapen
Day 9 & 10 Cendrawasih Bay, Diving with Whale Sharks, Ahe Reef
Day 11 Manokwari

Total Diving : 32 x dive
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This tour focuses on the Triton Bay and Kai Islands area