10 Days 9 Nights North Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua, directly bordering the Seram Sea, the waters are a veritable traffic lane for many large sea creatures, including whales. The crystal clear turquoise sea-waters allow spectacular views of Misools sub-surface colorful treasures even when still aboard your boat. And once under the water, visibility can reach from 10 meters to as far as 30 meters. Don’t miss the trek to the cave of Tomolol in Missol island. The main cavern is accessible even to those with claustrophobic tendencies as the entrance to the cavern is large enough to fit a bus and there is plenty of natural light throughout.

Day One : Arrival at Sorong Airport
Arrive in Sorong Jeffman Airport. Our representative will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you the ship for immediate boarding. Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departure. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel, make yourself comfortable.
Meals : Lunch, Dinner

Day Two : Missol – Fiabacet
Whale rock is the westernmost dive area of the Fiabacet chain, arguably the most beautiful tropical reef system on the planet. Especially when viewed from the south, the largest Fiabacet island looks like a caricature of an enormous whale floating at the surface. This is also the best opportunity to observe interesting juvenile fish, nudibranch and other invertebrates. In the Middle of the Fiabacet,

The submerged east point of Nudi rock is undoubtedly one of the top dives in Raja ampat. Here you can watch colonies of Convict Blennies huddle around sea fans while large Green and Hawksbill Turtles glidge through the blue. Myrad species of soft coral and sea fans cascade down the slope and smaller animals like Decorator Crabs and Cleaner Shrimp abound.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive  : 3 day dives + 1 night dives

Day Three  : Missol – Boo
We will spend our day by exploring Boo rock and Boo Point east, where we can see large Napoleon Wrasse and Green Turtles . Boo rock is best known for the ‘’windows’’ or rounded openings on the southern end of the largest rock that completely pierce the reef from the surface down to about five meters. Although the two rocks appear separate from the surface, they are connected underwater by a magnificent reef draped in soft corals and brimming with fish.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 3 day dives + 1 night dive

Day Four  : Missol – Farondi
To the west side of Farondi we will through the sea tunnel and then exiting on Farondi’s wall. Continue the descend to about 30 meters where the tunnel ends on the wall. There is a cave at about 15 meters depth. Explore the wall and floor of the cave for interesting invertebrates like crabs, flatworms and sea spiders.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 2 until 3 day dives

Day Five : Penemu Island
Melissa’s Garden, Barracuda Reef, Galaxy, Anita’s Garden. All of these dive sites offer world class diving, fantastic corals and a huge amount of fish. Because the substrate at Melissa’s Garden is exceedingly delicate, absolute attention to good buoyancy is required. Also this is a good chance to trek to one of the most famous view points in the region.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 night dive + trekking.

Day Six : Wayag
Part of the 155,000 hectare Kawe Marine Protected Area, There will be a hill climb to overlook Wayag’s beautiful lagoon. The dive site here have interesting names like Two Hump Rock, and Far Out Rock. Expect to see masses of fish, and some currents depending on the tides. There may be a chance of seeing Tuna out in the blue. We will also do the more interesting sites like Figure 8 Rock, Channel Island and Cathedral Rock, if currents are mild.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 3 day dives + 1 night dive + trekking

Day Seven : Airborek – Manta
There is a place called Manta point in supernal Arborek Dampier straits, where you can dive and be accompanied by several tame Manta Rays. There, the lovers dive will be easily to see fish with this body gigantis. Manta ray rotating bend-the body seems to be repeatedly acrobatic the amazing attraction. Waves caused swing the wing of the giant mammals that fly in the water depth is also enough to make divers oscillate. This fish usually live in groups have current downpours. Plankton and jellyfish is a delicious meal for the Manta.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 3 day dives + 1 night dive

Day Eight : Mioskon – Blue Magic
Explore Mios Kon reefs, our campsite island reefs. A slope ranging from 1 – 30 meters with abundant coral growth, these reefs have become house for many different kinds of fish.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 3 day dives + 1 night dive

Day Nine : Kri
Welcome to Kri Island. Kri is a great start for the cruise with the most fish and coral species accounted on a single divesite.  The reefs in this area are protected by Max Ammer from the Papua Diving Resort. Truly pristine reefs, you will want to dive these sites around this island again and again.
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive   : 2 day dives

Day Ten : Sorong Island
After breakfast, prepare for disembarkation. Be ready to leave the boat and you will be transferred to Sorong Airport for you next destination. Your diving journey has ended and we shall look forward to welcoming you onboard again.
Meals : Breakfast
Dive   : no dive

Note: please email us if you need a full set of dive gear at least 1 week before departure

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