Manado – Gorontalo – Togian – Gorontalo

Entering Manado we will start our journey in the Lembeh straits, Arguably the best muck diving in the world and a heaven for macro photography & videography. Home to many critters that are seldom seen anywhere else on earth, including the, hairy frog fish, pygmy sea horses, larger sea horses like the thorny seahorse and estuarine, mimic octopus, wunderpus ,flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy shrimp, Lembeh Sea Dragon and hundreds of Nudibranches. The type of diving in Lembeh is called muck diving. Black sand mixed with silty bottom, perfect buoyancy is needed so the silt doesn’t get stirred and create a limited visibility for you or your fellow photographers.


Gorontalo is a province in North of Sulawesi. Gorontalo is the only area in Indonesia where the bizarre pattern sponge (Petrosia lignosa), later named as Salvador Dali sponge exists. Gorontalo offers wall diving, both shallow and to 40m deep. Also there are more muck diving sites, where you can encounter frogfish, leaffish, sea moths, various species of seahorse, and other exotic critters. Gorontalo is the entry point to the Togean Islands. The plethora of colorful corals and fish found within the pristine water with an average visibility of 20 metres has made this diving area as one of the best wide angle photography location in Indonesia.


Another attraction is the American fighter plane wreck from World War II. The B-24 bomber aircraft makes it possible for divers with wreck diving experience to go inside and witness each of its parts.

Day 1 : Manado, Lembeh Strait

Arrive in Mandao Airport. Our representative will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you the ship for immediate boarding. Safety Breifing, Safety DVD, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing the Harbour. During the journey to our first dive site take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable.

Meals : Lunch and dinner
Dive : Check Dive + Night Dive


Day 2 : Lembeh Island
1st dive : Aw shucks
2nd dive : Hair Ball
3rd dive : TK
Night Dive : Lembeh House

Meals : Breakfast ,lunch and dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 night dive

Day 3: Buyat
1st dive : Pulau Banton
2nd dive : 50:50
3rd dive : 30 Goat Slope

Meals : Breakfast ,lunch and dinner
Dive : 3 day dives


Day 4 : Gorontalo
1st dive : Tri Corner. Schooling of Fusiliers-Rainbow Runner; Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Stingray, Underwater Cavern and wall fully covers by soft coral
2nd dive : Tanjung Barat
3rd dive : Tanjung Putih
Night Dive : Mystic Point

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 Night Dive

Day 5: Gorontalo
Perfect coral sponge formations are here. Schools of snapper, yellowdash fusilier and lantern toby are surround diver.
1st dive : Traffic Circle
2nd dive : Traffic Jam
3rd dive : Jinn Cave
Night Dive : Tanjung Kerbau

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 Night Dive


Day 6: Una – Una Island
1st dive : Jack Point
2nd dive : Menara II
3rd dive : Pinnacle
Night Dive : Apollo
We can expect to find Trevallies, Snapper, Fusilier, Sweetlips, Butterfly, Cardinal, Angel, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Parrotfish, Surgeonfish, Triggerfish, Boxfish, Puffer, Gobies, Moray eels, Scorpion, Blennies.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 Night dive

Day 7 : Kadidiri island
1st dive : The Crack. Offers a good place to watch sharks in the deep. The dive continues through the rock and ends in 51 m. This is no dive for beginners.
2nd dive : The Gap
3rd dive : Dominic Rock
Night Dive : House Reef

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 night dive


Day 8 : Togian Island
1st dive : Nursery Rock
2nd dive : Plongi Garden
3rd dive : Little Lembeh
Night Dive : House Reef

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives + 1 night dive

Day 9: Togian Island
1st dive : Dream Rock
2nd dive : Goa – goa
3rd dive : Bomber

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dive : 3 day dives


Day 10 : Gorontalo

1st dive : Sunken Island
2nd dive : Sand Castle
3rd dive :Shadow Lamb

Day 11 : Gorontalo
Prepare for disembarkation. Hope to see you again in the other destination.

Meals : Breakfast
Dive : No dives


Muck dives in Ambon at Laha