Lembeh – Sangeta Laut – Manado

The Lembeh Strait is located at Northeast tip of Sulawesi. Arguably the best muck diving in the world and a heaven for macro photography & videography. Home to many critters that are seldom seen anywhere else on earth, including the hairy frog fish, pygmy seahorses, larger sea horses like the thorny seahorse and estuarine, mimic octopus, wunderpus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy shrimp, Lembeh Sea Dragon and hundreds of Nudibranches.

Day 1 : Lembeh Strait
Located at Northern of Sulawesi, the best muck diving in the world and a heaven for macro photography. The dive sites in Lembeh are generally sand, rock, muck or rubble, but a couple of sites have nice coral and walls.
Dive : 1 day dive (don’t worry, we’ll be back here later)


Day 2 : Biaro & Tagulandang Island
Biaro island is the first island in Sangihe Chain, a large flooded caldera which opens to the sea on the western side provides a beautiful sheltered spot. The very best dive sites around this area are Zaccharias and Bomb Rock. Tagulandang is at the north of Biaro, the larger island but all the dive sites lie around Ruang. Ruang has 2 big lava flows. New lava has huge schools of fish and black lava rock that make stunning contrast to the abundant coral growth and marine life.
Dives: 3 day dives

Day 3 : Mahengetang Island
Unusual dive site, Mount Mahengentang is one of the most active underwater volcanoes in the world. At the surface you will feel cool , but once you decend into the sea you will feel a different sensation is completely. Due to the volcanic activity you will feel hot water instead of cold water. The average temperature is ranging around 37-38 degree. You will be able to see a lot of hard coral, barrel sponges, bumphead parrotfish, boxfish and butterfly fish.
Dives: 3 day dives + 1 night dive


Day 4 : Siau & Makalehi Island
Karangetang Volcano in Siau is the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. At night you are able to see the volcano is glowing. This is going to be more impressive dive site with marine life and beach with hot spring. We will anchor at a small island call Batu Lehi, Thousand of species you can find here and the hot spring water is relaxing because it comes directly from volcanic spring. Makalehi island is located to the west of Siau surrounding by fringing reef. Here we have dive sites with pinnacles of beautiey (strong current), schools of jacks, fusiliers, bannerfish and a lot of pristine coral.
Dives: 3 day dives + 1 night dives

Day 5: Bangka and Gangga Island
Bangka island located at north of Sulawesi. These islands are quite exposed and often get strong currents that come from all directions. From all the dive sites you will expecting to see a number of steep pinnacles rising up from the depths, with many colorful of soft coral , Napoleon , morays and scorpion fish.
Dives: 3 day dives + 1 night dive


Day 6 & 7 : Bunaken National Park
The island of Bunaken in the Bunaken National park is related in the top 10 best dive side in the World. Diving at Bunaken National Park you will witness some of high level of biodiversity in the world, with variety of fish, world class walls, the clear and warm water contain astonishingly high number of species, whether it be corals, sponge or fish. Water temperature all year around 26-29 degree. With many wonderful sites we will spend 2 days here to take our time to explore the best of Bunaken.
Dives: 6 day dives + 2 night dives

Day 8 & 9 : Lembeh Strait and Tangkoko Tour
When we arrive at Tangkoko, you will enter to the park and introduce park ranger who guide us through the park and explain about the Flora and Fauna of this amazing park. We recommend all the guests wearing trousers & long sleeve shirt, walking shoes, torch and mosquito repellent. During the journey, you may see Celebes Tarsier Spectral, one of the smallest primates in the world. The Maleo Bird, and Amazing Red Knobbed Hornbill. We will head back to Lembeh strait to dive the areas where we missed on the first day.
Dives: 5 day dives + 1 Night dives.


Day 10: Bitung Habour
Time to say Good Bye with our lovely guests; We will disembark at Belitung habour. Our representative will send you to the airport or Hotel.

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A heaven for macro photography