10 Days 9 Nights Kaimana – Tual

This tour focuses on the Triton Bay and Kai Islands area. “Kai” is actually a Dutch colonial era spelling, still persisting in books based on old resources. The islands are on the edge of the Banda Sea, south of the Birds Head Peninsula of New Guinea, west of the Aru Islands, and northeast of the Tanimbar Islands.

Dive Spot (Total Dive) Remarks
Arrival at Kaimana
Sokos (4x dive) -Macro critters
Saruenus (4x dive) -Bargibanti pygmy. pontohi pygmy, soft coral garden, black coral garden
Saruenus (4x dive)
Aiduma (2x dive) -Denise pygmy, good coral
Bui Island (.. x dive) -Exploritory Dives
Tiga Saudara (4x dive) -Wonin, Fadol, Manggur
Kai Tanimbar (4x dive) -Exploritory Dives
Molu Island (4x dive) -Exploritory Dives
Nitu Island(4x dive) -Exploritory Dives
Vaiwar Island(2x dive) -Exploritory Dives
Departure at Tual

Dive Expedition from Tual