Ambon – Bandanaira – Sorong

Diving Expedition from Ambon to Sorong, Raja Ampat. Taking in some stunning scenery, dormant volcanos and some diving that is well off the beaten track. You can expect to see everything from schooling Hammerhead sharks in the Banda Sea to Ambon Scorpion Fish, Rhinopias and Psychedelic Frog Fish. in the muck at Laha, Ambon. With stunning views of dormant volcanoes on the way and land excursions to 17th century Fort Belgica in Banda Niera. This is one trip not to miss.

This trip focuses on Ambon and the Banda Sea before heading to the Southern Islands of Raja Ampat and the Dampier Straits

Day One : Ambon
Well-known as one of the best dive are for dive aficionados, Ambon harbor is a long, deep harbor surrounded on both sides by steep, verdant volcanic slopes. A true sense of history overcomes one; imagining the great seafarers like Magellan, Cook and others sailing down the same bay’s mouth. One gets the impression that the area cannot have changed much since the days of these great explorers. The first dive site is under a pier close to the Ambon airport and has the boasting rights of being able to call itself the first great muck site in the world, this is normally where one can get a glimpse of the rare Ambon scorpion fish and Psychedelic Frog Fish.

Also on offer is a pristine wreck covered with hard and soft corals, lots of fish and resting upright in relatively shallow water.


Day Two: Nusa Laut

Nusa Laut just east of Ambon was made famous from two of east Indonesia’s famous diving pioneers, Larry Smith and Edi Frommenweiler. Larry had said it was his favourite reef in the entire eastern region of this great archipelago. It is truly a spectacular location and a full days diving will be on offer.

Day Three, Four, & Five : Banda Neira

Banda, has an important place in Indonesian and world history. Dominated by a 2500-foot active volcano, for more than three hundred years these tiny islands were the centre of wealth for the Dutch colonies

The diving is also well-known for its good reef dives on the east and north sides of the islands. Here not only marine life treasures such as pipe fish of all varieties, frog fish of many varieties and color variations, and a plethora of juvenile fish seeking sanctuary in the calm waters, but also the least bashful and largest mandarin fish ever! These colorful gems are out of their hiding places all day and are in such shallow water that they can be seen from the pier.

Banda Sea – north of Gunung Api is a remote archipelagic atoll named Lucipara. These atolls are also surrounded by a seafloor that is 13,000 feet below. Consisting of three large islands and a few tiny reefs that just break the surface the islands offer divers vertical walls and visibility of over 120 feet with very mild currents.

Gunung Api – is a volcano that’s summit breaks the sea’s surface by 800 feet yet which has its base on the seabed some 13,000 feet below. The island created by the volcano is 120 miles from the next nearest landfall and is therefore home to the reef fish that populate its steep drop offs and walls, occasional visiting pelagics, and extraordinarily an uncountable population of Banded and Olive sea snakes. It is truly a unique spot that never ceases to amaze divers.


Day Six : Koon Island

At the eastern end of the isle Seram in the Molucca Sea, a reef archipelago flows into the Banda Sea. The formation seems like a channel, which is being passed by every single creature that lives there. Orcas, dolphins, manta rays, sharks, and mobulas are only a few to be named. The visibility might not be too good due to strong currents but that brings big schools of all kinds of fish as well as Orcas, whales and sharks. Depending on the moon phase the strong currents can make this a very challenging Dive.

Day Seven, Eight and Nine : Misool Island Group

Welcome to another remote Island group, northeast of Misool, so pristine and untouched. The area offers a mesmerizing underwater scape which boasts walls and pinnacles where not an inch is left uncovered. Where we dive has an unusual high concentration of huge, undisturbed, giant clams still un-discovered !
The Misool Island group sits at the entrance of the Seram Sea, two degrees south of the equator.

The islands, or islets, are uncountable. The larger ones, like Misool itself, have canyons and lagoons speckled with white sand beaches ideal for tender boat rides. One can spend hours exploring and never see the same bay. It really is a place of great beauty both above and below the water. It’s rightly being considered by the Indonesian government for national park status and by the United Nations as a world heritage site. Below the water there are over 1100 species of fish and over 450 different species of corals making the area one of the most diverse marine habitats in the world.


Day Ten : Wai Island

The beginning of this dive offered in the calm shores of Wai Island. Dive at WWII American fighter plane that fell in the 1940’s. This wreck is upside down and between 24-34 m deep. Pinnacles with clouds of fusiliers & banner fish, and huge king mackerel patrolling. These species rich sites are some of the best you can expect here.

Day Eleven : Kri Island

Welcome to Kri Island. Kri is a great start for the cruise with the world record for the most fish and coral species accounted on a single dive site by Dr.Gerald Allen a world reknown icthylologist. Mike’s Point, Sardine and Chicken Reef offer an unforgettable diving experience where you could spot huge schools of fish on parade, like barracuda ,blue tail surgeonfish, redtooth trigger fish.


Day Twelve : Sorong
After breakfast, prepare for disembarkation. Be ready to leave the boat and you will be transferred to Sorong Airport. Your diving journey has ended and we shall look forward to welcoming you onboard again.

Facilities and Services Onboard

  • Deck state cabin located on the middle and upper deck with a sea-view
  • Deluxe cabin located on the lower deck
  • Air- conditioned cabins with private bathroom (hot and cold showers)
  • A tray of toiletries in each cabin
  • Dining room and Bar
  • 24 hours tea and coffee making facilities
  • Vegetarian food available on request
  • Easy access swim/boarding platform
  • Fresh water on deck shower
  • Complete scuba dive equipment
  • Snorkel, canoe and fishing equipment
  • TV, Karaoke & DVD entertainment units
  • Computer with Adobe Photoshop application
  • Laundry service
  • On Board telecommunication
  • 32% EAN Nitrox

Includes :

  • Accommodation onboard & meals (Light breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Tea/coffee, bottled water, tea-time snacks
  • National Park fee
  • Certified Dive Master (ratio 1 DM : 5 divers)
  • Cruise Accident Insurance
  • Harbor and anchor fee
  • Government tax
  • Compressor, regular air fills 3000 psi or 200 bar, tank, weight belt


  • International/domestic airfare and airport tax
  • Soft drinks and alcohol beverages
  • Personal travel Insurance
  • Gratuities to guide and crew
  • Onboard telecommunication
  • Laundry service
  • 32% EAN Nitrox – $20 per person per day

Reef dives around Ambon