Alor Liveaboard 12 Days / 11 Nights

Alor island is located between Flores and Sawae sea. Alor has amazingly underwater scenery and is recognized as one of Asia`s top ten dive destinations.


Whether you`re into muck, big fish, macro or walls, we cater for you`re every need with a smorgasbord of diving possibilities in this region.

Day One: Maumere
Flight from Bali to Maumere. Our representative will be waiting outside the arrival hall and ready to escort you to the ship for immediate boarding. Safety Breifing, Safety DVD, Crew Introduction, Necessary Dive Paperwork, Cabin allocation and ship orientation will take place before departing Sorong Harbour. During the journey to our first dive site take this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the vessel and make yourself comfortable.


Day Two: Kawula
This will be a fantastic day of muck diving for critters. Expect to see nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, frog fish and all the amazing critters rolled into one dive!

Day Three & Four: Alor
The famed Alor Strait is another landmark on the Indonesian diving map. Sitting dramatically in the strait between the two large islands of Pantar to the west and Alor to the east are three small volcanoes that have long been extinct.

Our first stop will be in the area of Biana Bang. Because of the black sand and near by hot springs jetting out into the sea, this area is full of all the Indonesian marine life you ever wanted to see. It is quite normal to see two of the mystic Rhinopias on one dive at this site. A fantastic introduction to this stunning region.


Day Five: Reta
The pinnacles of Reta will amaze you with the amazingly healthy reefs and usually clear waters. Stunning coral growth with fish life surrounding, day five will be a real treat!

Day Six: Pura South
The largest of the Alor region island chain is the verdant Pura. This is another centre for traditional weaving and the islanders here are Melanesian in ethnicity with dark skin and tight curly hair. One of our favorite places on the south side is Clownfish Alley. Incredibly, the only such place in Indonesia so far known in existence, this entire site is a plethora of clownfish species and their host anemones. Miles and miles of these cute little Nemos will delight you by darting in and out of your view. A site not to be missed!


Day Seven: Alor Island – Pertamina Pier
For the die hard diver, you will be offered at the famed Pertamina Pier. Mimic octopus, harlequin shrimp and so many other incredible critters have all shown there faces at this great stop on our itinerary. For guests interested in a true cultural experience, a trip to the traditional market will be held on this day.

Days Eight & Nine: Pura North
Not only does Pura Island offer pristine reefs, each village protects the reef on its shores and practices a sustainable fishing system of traditional fish traps and spear fishing, but also the opportunity of seeing the spear fishermen carrying out their trade.


Day Ten: Ternate
The spectacular walls of Ternate will be our last stop in the Alor regency. Jetting down to over 100 ft, these sites will be the perfect end to some of the best diving Indonesia has to offer.

Day Eleven: Kawula – Lamalera
This will be a fantastic day of muck diving for critters. Expect to see nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, and frog fish all in one dive. In the afternoon we will visit the incredible whaling village of Lamalera. Sure to leave a lasting impression, the indigenous people of Lamalera’s annual custom is the whale hunt. Only one whale per village sector is sacrificed and then consumed throughout the year. This custom is performed on very primitive dug out canoes using local spears. A truly unforgettable day!


Day Twelve: Maumere
Prepare for disembarkation. You will be transferred to Maumere airport for your next destination.

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